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    Review 1 of 6: An apartment complex that CARES
    My husband, my two pups, and I have been extremely thankful and grateful for the amazing staff here at Seven Lakes. Specifically Adrian and Angela have gone above and beyond to make sure everything has gone smoothly. We had two weeks to move out and although it was very short notice, they made it happen. We are beyond blessed to have stumbled upon Seven Lakes! :) p.s the dog parks are the best!
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    Review 2 of 6: Great customer service
    I am writing to acknowledge our leasing manager, Gloria, for her efficient guidance in assisting me through a rental misunderstanding on my part last week. I felt so grateful after her timely and professional phone call to explain and correct the situation!
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    Review 3 of 6: Adrian Taipe
    Wanted to give a big shout out to Adrian. wow he is amazing,. Every time I have been in S:L with any worries or concerns, he has always helped me and answered all my questions. Adrian in my opinion is such an asset to Seven Lakes. Adrian thank you so much for all the help you gave me Friday the 25.
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    Review 4 of 6: Great place to live
    I have lived here with my husband and our child for about 2 years now. We love how peaceful every thing is and the neighbors are super friendly.. Any time we have had to speak to someone in the office they have always been super pleasant as well. Love it here
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    Review 5 of 6: Thank You
    First I was to start off by saying how beautiful and well maintenance the place is. I felt such at home when i was on my tour. The leasing agent Kiara was so informative and so sweet. I really enjoyed my tour with her and will definitely be referring people to this community.
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    Review 6 of 6: Excellent customer service
    Hi.. I would like to say thank you to Kiara for great customer service. She was very nice and professional. She took her time in explaining everything, also she has a lot of patience. So if your a person like me you'd definitely want her to help you. Thanks so much Kiara for your time and patience. 5?'s for you Kiara Ms Bates P.S. the apartments are beautiful ??